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Extreme programmer and software architect dedicated to free software engineering. Specialized in reverse code engineering on GLAMP technologies (GNU/Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Python/PHP) for vulnerabilities detection.

Main Software Projects

Jack The Stripper (GPL v3.0):
Deployer for Ubuntu Server by focused on security defense

Europio Engine (GPL v3.0):
MVC kernel for PHP modular applications focused on good practice of OOP. Its core provides an own ORM and a set of own security libraries such as a character encoding library, based on alphanumeric strings. Provides decode, clean, purge and reversing methods; automatic filtering of POST data based on an algorithm that implements artificial intelligence to deduce the type of data expected; etc.

Research Projects

The Original Hacker Library & The Original Hacker Magazine (GFDL and Creative Commons):
My publications about security researching and software engineering (spanish only) (PDF Magazine) (papers, books and videos)