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Erik Rusek is an ict security expert and consultant specialised in web application penetration testing and red teaming (also known as tiger team assessments). He is working in the ict security sector since 2009, when he also started his studies for the bachelors degree in Secure Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg. He graduated in the summer 2012 and continued his studies at Hagenberg with the Information Engineering and -Management masters programme. During his time on the campus he was involved in several non-profit organisations as for example the "Hagenberger Kreis zur Förderung der digitalen Sicherheit".

Since 2010 he worked as a self-employed ict security consultant, performing several penetration testing and red teaming assessments. Until 2013 he worked at KPMG for a year, focused on penetration testing projects.

In his time as a security consultant he often used OWASP related papers and information, espacially the OWASP Top Ten Project. During several research tasks he reconginzed the Austrian OWASP Chapter as inactive and his target became to reactivate the local chapter. As a member of the chapter he wants to contribute to the OWASP Foundation as he gathered lots of useful information through the different OWASP projects. Furthermore his personell goal is to increase the security awareness of the Austrian population.