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I have over 10 years industry experience, the majority of which has been working in security. I have also continuously maintained CHECK Team Leader status since 2007.

I have significant experience in delivering consultancy to organisations in the financial, government and commercial sectors. In addition to consultancy, I have provided training courses to a variety of audiences, including at the BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas.

Whilst the majority of my work is performed under NDA, occasionally I dabble in research outside of work. Here are some of my findings:

CVE-2011-0204: Apple ImageIO TIFF Heap Overflow CVE-2011-0194: Apple ImageIO TIFF Image Integer Overflow CVE-2011-1931: FFMpeg Out of Array Write in AMV Parsing CVE-2010-1845: Apple ImageIO PSD Image Memory Corruption

Further details can be found at:

Specialties Product assessment, web application testing, infrastructure penetration testing, mobile application assessment & software security evaluations.