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Daniel is a web security enthusiast with broad knowledge in web applications development and web security. He has been working in banking and financial industry for the last few years. He is doing his Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence at Warsaw University of Technology. He is currently working on his final master’s thesis, whose title is “Web Application Penetration Tests”. Right now he is based in London, UK and works for a worldwide financial company. His interests covers all aspects of web security, web development and public speaking. In his free time he enjoys practicing Krav Maga, listening to music and following Web Security news.

OWASP Activity

February, 2011 - NOW: OWASP .NET Project Leader
January, 2011 - NOW: OWASP WebScarab-NG Project Leader
2010 - NOW: OWASP Member

OWASP related activity

December 7, 2010: Talk about web penetration testing on Quotium's behalf during TestExpo Winter 2010 in London, UK.
October 18, 2010: Talk about web penetration testing during TestWarez 2010 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.


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