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Chris started his professional career in 2006, as a graduate of Computer Engineering - Software Development. His first job was working for a leading edge geo matics company, the PYXIS innovation, Pyxis was attempting to revolutionize the geo matics industry, by developing mapping & map integration software based on a hexagonal based grid system where both area and size are preserved during various resolutions of the grid. Chris worked on the research team implementing image based processing and mathematical operations on a hexagonal based grid.

After Pyxis, Chris moved West in Canada to Alberta where he didn't work in the oil patch but worked for an Oil & Gas company, Husky Energy. At Husky Chris was responsible for the continued operation of the payment and authorization technologies which allowed customer purchasing of fuel & oil from gas stations across North America.

When oil dropped Chris found himself unemployed and came East to Ontario. Once back in Ontario he tried his hand teaching web technologies to college students. While this was enjoyable and a fun job, Chris' real passion laid on the cutting edge of technology. He then joined Padre Software, where he wrote numerous web services and embedded systems working on factory automation for the automotive sector in North America. While at Padre Chris, traveled across North America to meet with clients, engage in software design discussions.

Chris decided that it was time to make the leap into the security sector. He joined McAfee Anti Virus. At McAfee Chris has been busy extending the web platform, implementing various web services to accomplish the needs of client web platform. He has recently moved to the security architecture team where he tests, implements, and audits & reviews code for security best practices and leads the technical approach to secure software.

While continuing to work at McAfee, Chris is in the process of formulating his own consulting firm to help teams, with concepts within the Software Development Life Cycle. As well as reviewing and implementing software in a secure and professional fashion.