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Chris is currently a Chief Information Security Officer at Sharecat Solutions, administering the security challenges of a medium sized, multi country business. Along with a lot of security expertise, Chris also has a background in system development and application management. His vast amount of experience within the many different areas of IT has worked as an excellent precursor for his security enthusiasm.

Chris is an open, sharing, and fun person to be around. He is enthusiastic and motivating as well as positive and optimistic. A fun day for Chris is when he is penetration testing, problem solving or discussing program code or network protocols. He is passionate about security, both IT and physical security and his favorite part is web application security.

Inspired by people like Ed Skoudis, Chris is an aspiring security professional. He is driven by mottos like "Magic is just science we don't understand yet" and "Think bad, do good". Chris looks forward to teaching and sharing his experience with his students. You can learn more about Chris via:

Blog: Twitter:!/ChrisAndreDale LinkedIn: