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Penang Chapter Leader 2013

4 years of experience in Web Application Security Audit, Network Security Audit, Source Code Review, 3rd Party Audit Review, Report Writing, Developing New Security Test Case and Providing Code Level Solutions to Developers.

Specialties • Network, System & Application Security Penetration Testing

• Android & iOS mobile Application Assessment

• SOUP UI Web Service Assessment

• Mastermind for planning the penetration test cases to detect and identify the security flaws/vulnerability of an application, including SOX compliance applications, and provides the code level solution.

• Pioneer and trainer of Company Mobile Application Penetration Test for both IOS and Android platform.

• Assessed and secured the financial critical application

• Key contributor for SAS 70 II report review and RFI evaluation of the 3rd party application.

• Translated and summarized the Mandarin version of the information system security audit report from China Information technology Security Evaluation Center into the Company electronic security RFI checklist in English.

• Main planner and trainer of the training course for the Company intern and enabled them to identify and analyze the vulnerability of the applications independently.

• Conducted scheduled in-house training for the company internal security teams about the latest hacking techniques via the demo on the company internal test applications. .