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I am a back end API/DB guy. I am currently working for Lubrizol in Painesville as a contractor. I need to learn more about automation (Distributed Control Systems, fault tolerant redundancy, feedback loops, industrial grade hardware distributors, safety in the face of disastrous events, and just a lot of things-- too many to list). So, some days I am doing mundane data entry into SAP, other days I am learning about how a very robust Distributed Control system manages to make space age materials, one day I learned how to use radar to measure tank fluid levels, and yet other days you might find me hanging off the end of a 48" pipe wrench. It is intense.

I have had the opportunity to lead a full, but random, and exciting life. As a result I'm one of those inch deep but mile wide people. There are huge gaps in my knowledge, but I've got a good enough base that with a short amount of practice I can do just about anything with shocking proficiency.