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Welcome to my profile please feel free to know about me

Ahmed M. Neil

Ahmed M Neil is very passionate with everything speaks security. I do believe that we can live without food, friends, family.But I can't imagine the world without security. The basic need for any human is to feel secured. So from this point, I thought to join OWASP to be part of the family and learn from the expert.I have been running Mansoura chapter since the year 2011. We had some several chapter meetings in different venues, such as Mansoura University and some other universities and institutes.

Neil has been invited as a speaker and trainer in the following events:

Title : Digital forensics WHAT, WHY , and HOW

WHERE: OWASP Limerick October 31st,2013
What: OWASP Limerick Day is a one day Security conference taking place on October 31st in Limerick, Ireland. This major InfoSec event will bring together IT professionals and Security Researchers to discuss relevant topics related to Application Security. Everyone is free to participate in OWASP.

Slides: All OWASP materials are available under a free and open software license.View here here(Presentation only).
They Said about me:
They said about it!!

WARNING: Copyright © Ahmed M Neil-2013 All Rights Reserved. No part of this Work may be reproduced without Ahmed M Neil's express consent.

Title :Digital forensics 101

OWASP GHANAAccra- Ghana,September 5th & 6th,2013 , OWASP Ghana is holding it's inaugural conference about different aspects of Information security.(Presentation and hands on training). They Said about me:
They said about it!!

Organizer : European Business Conferences Group (EBCG), Prague-Czech Republic
Date: 9th - 10th April, 2014
Where: Andel's hotel- Prague Czech Republic
Presentation Title: TBD
Abstract: TBD
Link: Please right click here

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