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H4ck City Tools

H4Ck City Sheller Code With [Persian] Sheller Article :
HomePage: wWw.H4cKCiTy.oRg
Authored By : 2MzRp & LocaLMan
Features : In This Sheller U Can Symlink All Users($Home) With Php And Perl, Inj3ct Backdoor In Index Or Another Page, Bypass Php With Different Php Bypassers , Bypass Read File With Mysql , Remote Php And Perl Ddos, Get Users From /etc/passwd In Txt , Upload Sheller In 777 Permisioned Folder , Create Many Sheller In Folder with Random Names And....

H4Ck City Anti Sheller
Authored By: Mikili This Script Check Server Every $second For Php Or Perl Sheller And Chmoded 000 Bad Files
File:H4ck City Anti

H4ck City Auto TOols
Authored By: Farbod Mahini
This perl script performs a variety of auto-rooting and shell install attempts on a given host once a shell is obtained.
File:H4ckcity Auto

H4ck City Bruteforcer
Authored By: Mehdi.H4ckCity
This Script Help U To Bruteforcer Joomla , Wordpress , Directadmin And.... U Can Check Tutorial On H4ckcity.Org

H4ckcity Antisymlink
Authored By : Mikili
This Script Help To Prevent Symlink In Some $Folders(/*/public_html)


Put Checker By Milad Khoshdel
#by milad (regux)
import httplib
url = raw_input("Enter URL")
h = httplib.HTTPConnection(url, '80')
h.putrequest('PUT', name)
h.putheader('User-Agent', '')
h.putheader('Connection', 'keep-alive')
h.putheader('Transfer-Encoding', 'chunked')
h.putheader('Expect', '100-continue')
h.putheader('Accept', '*/*')
if authorization:
	h.putheader('Authorization', authorization)
bytes =
length = len(bytes)
h.send('%X\r\n' % length)
h.send(bytes + '\r\n')

resp = h.getresponse()
status = resp.status
if status in okay:
	statusLine = "status : %s %s"
	print statusLine % (status, resp.reason)
	print 'Put method is available \nyou can using REST CLIENT in firefox and upload file\ncheck this :'
	print url+name

Ok. Hc (H4ckcity Security Team) Now Is Close . But We Are Always Up. And Now U Can Find Us On We Have A Security & Hacking Magazine In Persian(Farsi) Lang On So U Can Find Us In There. New Project Coming Soon. Be Online;).
Offline Magazine Archive:


Ok . SecureLand , Hc, Offlinemag Is Going Down But We Are Alive And Working Hard On Ideas
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