The OWASP Security Spending Benchmarks Project

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The presentation

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How much security spending is enough when developing web applications? There are few, if any, industry standard benchmarks on this topic. Faced with new regulations and tightening budgets, executive management needs spending guidelines to ensure appropriate security is built into products. The OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Security Spending Benchmarks Project is the first wide-scale project to address this issue. It brings together 20 partner companies and releases quarterly reports measuring different aspects of security spending. This session will give an overview of the current results of our project.

The speaker

Dr. Boaz Gelbord is the Executive Director of Information Security at Wireless Generation, a New York based educational technology company. Boaz has been a leader in the information security field for ten years. Boaz began his information security career at KPN Royal Dutch Telecom, where he led numerous security projects and authored 12 patents relating to information security. His work on privacy enhancing technologies at KPN earned several international awards and led to his designation as one of "Europe's Tech Stars" by the Wall Street Journal Europe. Boaz leads the OWASP Security Spending Benchmarks Project. He has a widely-read information security blog at and is frequently quoted in the media.