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what is this project?
OWASP Logging Project

Purpose:The goals of this project are:

Provide tools for software developers in order to help them define and provide meaningful logs
Provide code audit tools to ensure that log messages are consistent and complete (content, format, timestamps)
Facilitate the integration of logs from different sources
Facilitate attack reconstruction
Facilitate information sharing around security events
who is working on this project?
Project Leader: Marc Chisinevski

Project Maintainer: Marc Chisinevski

Project Contributor(s): Marc Chisinevski,Anthony Lai, Sam Ng

how can you learn more?
Project Flyer/Pamphlet: []

Mail list: Subscribe or read the archives

Project Roadmap: To view, click here

Project main links: OWASP Logging Project; []

Project Health: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed/Targeted at Level 1
To be reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

Key Contacts
  • Contact Project Leader to contribute to this project,
  • Contact Project Leader or GPC to review or sponsor this project,
  • Contact GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.