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what is this project?
OWASP JBroFuzz Project

Purpose: This project is a stateless network protocol fuzzer that emerged from the needs of penetration testing. Written in Java, it allows for the identification of certain classess of security vulnerabilities, by means of creating malformed data and having the network protocol in question consume the data.

who is working on this project?
Project Leader: Subere

Project Maintainer: Subere

Project Contributor(s): None

how can you learn more?
Project Flyer/Pamphlet: Subere: please create the PDF

Mail list: Subscribe or read the archives

Project Roadmap: To view, click here

Project main links:

Project Health: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed
To be reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

Key Contacts
  • Contact Subere to contribute to this project,
  • Contact Subere or GPC to review or sponsor this project,
  • Contact GPC to report a problem or concern about this project or to update information.