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OWASP is a volunteer based organization, and anyone can take on any task that they think is appropriate.

However there have been problems that have proved somewhat tricky for individuals to address - task Forces are an experiment to try to solve some of these problems.

The principles behind task forces:

  • They should address a single task
  • They can include OWASP employees and/or board members, but dont have to
  • They should include at least one experienced OWASP contributor
  • They should be self managing - its up to each task force to agree how they will work
  • They should take and publish minutes of all meetings on the OWASP wiki
  • There will be a fixed time for them to achieve their goal, to be agreed in the first meeting, after that they fold (although reasonable extensions are allowed)
  • They should have clear and achievable goals
  • Anyone can propose a new task force, not just employees or board members
  • Anyone can join a task force, although there probably should be some sensible minimum and maximum limits
  • They dont actually have any additional 'powers' - they are just a group of people focused on solving a specific problem
  • They can be allocated funds by the board but they can also request funds, just like any volunteer
  • They should focus on getting the task done, and not become a bureaucratic mess ;)

The currently active task forces are:

Name and link
Proposed by
Proposed date
Formed date
Complete by
Home Page Task Force
Simon Bennetts