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I've removed the bad "Gray Box" examples as they are BOTH bad:

  • Example 1 is not an example of an inherently insecure request. Allowing all origins is perfectly fine unless you also allow credentials and the server authenticates using those credentials. If anyone wants to claim that it is insecure you'll need to justify your reasoning here not just assert it. As an example an API that authenticates using Bearer Auth does not have any need to concern itself with cross-origin calls since the possession of the bearer token is what matters.
  • Example 2 is an XSS problem. The only thing that that CORS could do here is CORS headers on the attacker's site could mitigate that, which is outside of your control. Just a terrible, terrible example of CORS misconfigurations since the alleged misconfiguration is on the attacker's site. Amazing that this example made it into this wiki in the first place.

Collin Sauve (talk) 14:33, 25 February 2019 (CST)