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A few things need clarification:

  • cookie - anything juicy? I can't remember what my problem was with this implicit object.
  • <c:redirect> - splitting?
  • <sql:query>, <sql:update> - I hear these use prepared statements. Can anyone think of ways of misuse still?

here's what i cut:


  • This tag can execute its body as a sql statement.
  • It can also execute it’s sql attribute as a query.
  • Have not been able to prove sql injection, either way, it seems this tight coupling is bad practice unless we're talking about a small app... thoughts?
<sql:query var="test3" sql="SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE name='${taint}'"/>
  <sql:query var="deejays">
    SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE name='<%=request.getParameter("taintme")%>'


<sql:update var="updateCount" sql="INSERT INTO mytable VALUES (3,'${taint}')"/>
  <sql:update var="updateCount">
    INSERT INTO mytable VALUES (2,'<%=request.getParameter("taintme")%>')

<sql:param >
Cleanser sort of? Works like prepared statements.

  • Parameterized SQL statements – replace each ‘?’ with a parameter.
  <sql:query var="deejay">
    SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE name= ?
    <sql:param value="<%=request.getParameter("taintme")%>"/>