Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session036/Deliverable 1

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Deliverable 1

A list of suggestions to pass along to the Global Connections Committe for the best ways of engaging government.

The initial recommendations of the working group are as follows:

  • OWASP should establish entities outside of the US that other governments will respect and be comfortable interacting with. Being a "US Only" entity legally is hurting the organization in terms of being able to really interact with governments outside the US.
  • OWASP should present simple, accessible, digestible and actionable programs and frameworks for the consumption of governments worldwide.
  • OWASP should look into partnering with other coalitions with similar goals and small standards bodies that already interact with government, and/or drawing best practices from these bodies.
  • OWASP should research the viability of liaisons to/from various government agencies that have an interest in working with OWASP.