Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session018/Deliverable 1

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Deliverable 1

The OWASP 2011 Chapter Plan – describing the current state of OWASP chapters worldwide and identifying what will happen in 2011 to grow the number of chapters and improve their quality.

Chapters session: 10-Feb-2011 21h in Villa 957 (Portugal)
Chair: Seba
Notes: Seba


  • Poland - Wojtek Dworakowski
  • Slovakia - Pavol Luptak
  • Portugal - Porto - Pedro Fortuna
  • Greece - Athens - Konstantinos Papapanagiotou
  • Greece - Athens - Anastasis Stasinopoulos
  • Israel - Ofer Maor
  • Austin - Texas - Nishi Kumar
  • Geneva - Switzerland - Antonio Fontes
  • LA - Edward Bonver
  • Orange County - Neil Matatall
  • Long Island - China - Helen Gao
  • Switzerland - Ivan Butler
  • Netherlands - Ferdinand Vroom
  • Sweden - Mattias Bergling
  • Minneapolis - Lorna Alamri
  • Milwaukee / Madison (Wisconsin) - Matthew Chalmers
  • Seattle - Keith Turpin
  • Spain - Madrid - Juan Jose Rider Jimenez
  • Belgium - Sebastien Deleersnyder
  • Italy - Matteo Meucci
  • Indonesia - Zaki Akhmad
  • Kate Hartmann

+ people coming in during the session (don't have all the names)

Questions raised during the workshop:

  • Need for a one page Handbook digest
  • Conference split upsets chapters??
  • invoices not locally conform in each country
  • deductable taxes are a problem (ie, companies based outside the US can not deduct donations) - invoices without VAT also
  • create an operational local chapter to use for tax/vat reasons
  • hire a lawyer to investigate
  • need for more clear rules / information on the wiki on handling money
  • need for bylaw governance umbrella / local template
  • what are examples - red cross/ wikimedia? - issa / isaca - examples
  • need for clear treasurer roles
  • what about local liability - what are conditions - to be put online
  • A big hassle to organize local events in some countries (e.g. Brazil, Slovakia)
  • The Samy Kampkar tour to be replicated!


  • put the global insurance contract online (KH) - short advice for chapter leaders: post your meeting / don't sign any contracts
  • 1 page summary of the chapters handbook

Chapters session: 11-Feb-2011 13h30 in Alejento meeting (Portugal)
Chair: Seba
Notes: Seba


  • facilitate remote sessions
  • leverage existing infrastructure

=> Tony - Atlanta
HR to sponsor meetings (potential employees)
free training for hosting organisation
OWASP update slide deck - centralize
separate chapter list
porto chapter
how to make local boards work
mentor program
add owasp business cards / rollups template to the handbook
promote owasp store
OWASP booth in a box (conferences)
speaker qualification - scoring points?
pool of speakers for OWASP track
OWASP training day/list
speakers project - speakers agreement (conference) - ask presentation upfront - feedbacks - mentoring speaker (speaker experience ...) - contest college students
TripIT tracker - also ask speakers to volunteer (Cecil) - privacy?
leech on local conferences

links with membership
channel issues through Kate
(check conferences tool with MB)

Ofer/ Martin will volunteer

no auto-renew!
company awareness program (Antonio F)