Summit 2011 Attendees And Sponsors

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The OWASP Summit 2011 is going to have the highest concentration of Web Application Security Experts in the World. This page represents a top level view of the participants, for a detailed view see the Summit 2011 Attendee page

If you are looking for opportunities to sponsor the Summit, please see the How can I become a corporate sponsor? page.

Current Sponsors

The following companies (listed in no particular order) are sponsoring their employees (some of whom are OWASP leaders) to attend the Summit:

Attendee's time and expenses

Companies or individuals that are covering the participant's time and travel expenses (estimated to be $2,000 USD)

5x attendees

  • Mozilla-logo-wordmark.png

3x attendees

  • Veracode Logo.gif

2x attendees

  • Ohm-39-trans-lang-de.gif
  • sic[!]sec (flight only)

1x attendee

Attendee's time

Companies or individuals that are covering the participant's time.

  • SAIT Zenitel.jpg
  • AppSecDC2009-Sponsor-securicon.gif
  • John Wilander (self sponsored)
  • AT&T
  • FishNet Security
  • Electric Alchemy
  • Intrepidus Group

Corporate Sponsors

Wifi Sponsorship

  • Trustwave 2010 Logo.jpg

Lunch Sponsorship

  • Sponsor-isc2.gif

OWASP Projects represented

The following OWASP Projects will be represented by it's leader at the Summit:

Industry groups represented

  • Browsers - There will be a significant representation of the Browser Industry with confirmed participation from: Firefox and IE (others to be confirmed soon)
  • Microsoft Security
  • Universities: Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences , Ruhr University Bochum
  • (list not complete...)

SILVER LEVEL (Existing Corporate Supporters of the OWASP Foundation Mission)