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This project will optimize the OWASP Foundation JIRA funding reimbursement and approval processes with the result of improving processes for all tasks submitted into JIRA. The processes will be retooled to achieve a documented Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensure responsible parties have better visibility to expected actions, reduce further requests for information, reduce unnecessary email traffic, and ensure those who submit tickets have more accurate information on status.

Project Links

JIRA Funding Requests

OSD Workflow Redesign


  1. SLA for completed ticket by others sent to budget owners no longer than 72 hours
  2. SLA for completed ticket to reimbursement no longer than 21 days
  3. Reduce the number of approvers/signatures required for common requests
  4. Properly set expectations with those submitting reimbursements
  5. Create reporting to community on SLA metrics
  6. Add other services to JIRA service desk
    1. Chapters
    2. Events


  • 2019-2-1, Change SLAs to reflect 72 hour initial response and 21 days to close [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-1, Add initial New Chapter Request [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-6, Add new required fields to reimbursement tickets [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-8, Modify JIRA workflows (Reimbursement Requests) [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-13, Create new Contact Us [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-18, Create New Event Request tickets [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-20, Update Workflow Status Messaging [Harold Blankenship] DONE
  • 2019-3-22, Update wiki reflecting SLA expectations and approval changes [Harold Blankenship]DONE