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Each project will have a 2-3 paragraph overview narrative. Keep to the key top points about the project. Visitors should be able to read this short narrative and have a good understanding of the project without having to scroll the entire document.


  1. Ensure new staff have systems in place before their first day
  2. Ensure departing staff loose access to key systems

On Boarding Checklist

  • Order Computer
  • New hire completes W4 and Proof Of Employment
  • Stand up payroll for first paycheck including biennial $250 and monthly $125 allowances
  • Create G-Suite account and email credentials
    • Add mobile number and home address to G-Suite user data
  • Add user to Slack
  • Add user to Spanning Backup
  • Add user to SalesForce
  • Add user to LastPass and the Shared>General Group
  • If Director or higher, order corporate credit card with $25,000 limit
  • Direct employee to request wiki account using email
  • Invite employee to OWASP github using email

Off Boarding Checklist

  • If departing within 12 months of biennial anniversary, employee returns computer
  • Login to Insperity and set last payroll amounts and terminate employee
  • Set limit on corporate credit card to $500

Three days prior to departure

  • Disable corporate credit card
  • Require employee destroy corporate credit card

On last day of employment

  • Change password for G-Suite account
  • Remove user from Slack
  • Remove user from Spanning Backup
  • Remove user from SalesForce
  • Remove user from LastPass
  • Remove any admin privileges from wiki
  • Remove user from OWASP github