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Each project will have a 2-3 paragraph overview narrative. Keep to the key top points about the project. Visitors should be able to read this short narrative and have a good understanding of the project without having to scroll the entire document.

Project Links



  • 2019-02-28, Deadline for signed contract and deposit of AUD$1,686 [DONE]
  • 2019-05-03, 20% payment of Space hire charges of AUD$3,372, [Mike]
  • 2019-09-01, Get COI in place for event. [Mike]
  • 2019-10-28, 90% payment of estimated event charges due of AUD$107,356.95, (90% of Total Est $124905.50 calculates to $112,414.95. Subtract preview deposits of $1,686 and $3,372 which results in $107,356.95), [Mike]
  • 2019-11-01, Event Date



Name & URLs


Melbourne Convention Exhibition Center
T +61 3 9235 800


Hyperlink, address and phone number of lodging options. If a negotiated rate has been secured it should be noted. If possible please include 3-4 lodging options and list distance of each location from venue and the nearest likely airport for travelers.


List all registration options and their prices and what conditions are required for certain discounts (if any). Include a link to the registration page. Note the registration link should ALSO be available in the Key Resources sections above.


The high level budget should be listed below as a table. The full budget should be linked here and in a Google Sheet in the OWASP instance set to public (read only).

Provide link to full budget


This event offers several parter sponsorships opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the event please contact []( Below is a list of existing and available sponsorships. Please note all sponsorship levels include a table in the exhibition area and logos on conference materials and signage. All sponsor assets will go in a folder named sponsors in this repo.


This section will include a checklist of the key contracts and legal documents needed to execute an event. Please link here all fully executed agreements. IF any agreement isn’t completed the status should be provided here.

  • Venue [ Signed 20-Feb-19 ]
  • Venue A/V (if different vendor) [Included in Venue agreement]
  • Catering [Included in Venue agreement ]
  • Session Recordings [ ]
  • Lead Collection [ ]
  • Event Insurance [ ]
Venue Bank: National Australia Bank Limited
Account Name: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust
BSB: 083 004 Account: 679903600