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Staff will meet for a two-full-day F2F meeting in San Antonio on 20-21 February. This working meeting will tackle major staff initiatives leveraging the collective experience and ideas of the group. Staff members will be assigned pre-work for the meeting so each topic can work from a straw man instead of a blank whiteboard.

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  • Review the Operating Plan and Budget to align staff against 2019 Goals
  • Identify, document and memorialize the single sources of truth for the Foundation
  • Develop Event, Project, and Chapter leadership committee Agreements
  • Develop Member and Event Organizing Committee Benefits proposals for Board
  • Socialize and launch updated JIRA workflows with staff


  • 2019-01-25, Identify and select venue for meetings and hotel [Mike/Matt]
  • 2019-01-31, Present draft agenda to staff meeting [Mike]
  • 2019-02-15, Provide pre-read docs to all meeting participants [All]


Mike McCamon, OWASP


  • Total Budget, $7,500
  • Hotel, $2,000
  • Meeting Space, $1,000
  • Airfare, $3,000
  • Food/Entertainment, $1,000
  • Misc, $500


19-Feb, TUE Arrivals into San Antonio for travelers outside of TX
20-Feb, WED Geekdom, San Antonio
8am-9am Mike present Operating Plan and Budgets
9a-9:15a Break
9:15a-10:15a Member Benefits & Agreement Discussion [Lisa]
10:15a-11:00a Corporate Membership/Sponsorships Discussion [Kelly]
11:00a-Noon Chapters and Leaders Agreement Discussion [Dawn]
Noon-1p Lunch
1p-1:30p Email/Call time
1:30p-3p Events and Leaders Agreement Discussion [Matt]
3p-3:15p Break
3:15p-4p Project Leaders Agreement Discussion [Harold]
4p-5p Strengthening the OWASP Community Discussion [Mike]
5p-6p Break
6p Dinner
21-Feb, THU Geekdom, San Antonio
9a-10a Unorganized coworking
10a-11a Website Plan [Mike]
11a-Noon Money and Data Flows [Matt]
Noon-1p Lunch
1p-2p Operational Changes with JIRA [Harold]
2p-3p Project Plans & Budget Templates [Mike]
3p-3:15p Break
3:15p-4:00p Futurecast on Partnerships, Revenue, and Growth [Mike]
4p-5p Bucket List Wrapup [Matt]
5p-6p Break
6p Farewell Dinner

Co-Marketing Plan Committees 2.0