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This release is the second major version of the OWASP livecd. This one is going to be called SpoCK and will begin with the version 2.2 release. The kernel and boot splash has remained the same in this release but a lot has changed under the hood. OWASP tools and documents can be found in the main menu under OWASP:







The CD also contains a lot of pentest programs under the /pentest/ folder that will still need to be organized and tested. This is the same for a lot of the OWASP programs that are not already working in the menu.


The OWASP CD V1 downloads can be found here www.packetfocus.com/hackos Version 2 "SpoCK" downloads are in the final review process and will be released Nov 14th 07 for public download.


This version has 5x more tools and documents than v1. Now I just have to get all of the OWASP tools working then move to the /pentest/ folder.

Update the boot graphics- Still need to work on changing the graphics during the boot process.

Update all of the menu links to use KPDF instead of XPDF

Get sound working on the LiveCD

Make menu links to new version of Metasploit 3.0

Organize all of the VOIP tools in /pentest/

Get the latest version of WebGoat working


The most noticable addition to this release should be the number of OWASP projects in the menu. All of the tools haven't been configured but they are on the CD. If anyone uses the CD and would like to send instruction on getting a certain tool to work email livecd@packetfocus.com.

Refer to the main project page for more details on the project