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  • ...and mentoring others in security. His current interests involve tinkering with IoT, home automation, and competing in CTFs. Outside of technology, he enj ...oday, how Mentoring and Passion are what really propel you forward, (along with helping you pay it forward!), and of course, she’ll talk about Security.
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  • ==What are the best practices I should remember while designing the login pages? == * The best way to manage sessions would be to use one session token with two values during authentication. One value before authentication and one a
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  • ...application provide access by failing open; deny access, or just error out with a 500 message? ...y the test and analysis cases to verify the application if you're familiar with the business. If you are a third-party tester, then you're going to have to
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  • ...chives. Backup files can also be generated automatically by the underlying file system the application is hosted on, a feature usually referred to as "snap An important source of vulnerability lies in files which have nothing to do with the application, but are created as a consequence of editing application fi
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  • ...pam spiders are getting pretty good at grabbing email addresses off of web pages). ...ation vulnerabilities, discusses how to protect against them, and provides links to more information.
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  • ...ation vulnerabilities, discusses how to protect against them, and provides links to more information. '''A secure coding initiative must deal with all stages of a program’s lifecycle'''. Secure web applications are '''''
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  • ...u are on the discussion tab). Also, it is typical to sign your discussions with four tildes such as This signs your comment with your username as well as the current time and date. For example, four tilde
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  • ...u can still use it. Then again, if you went hiking and came across an old, broken-down mine shaft, you could still use that, too." to cross-site scripting in one of its local resources. In combination with a design flaw in this specific local resource it is possible for an attacke
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  • ...en. The OWASP chapters in [[Sweden]], [[Norway]], and [[Denmark]] together with Stockholm University hosted OWASP AppSec Research 2010. ...demia. All the regular AppSec Europe visitors and topics are welcome along with contributions from universities and research institutes.
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  • ...cases. All of this properties are configured in the "" file included in the "/conf" folder of the 2.2 distribution. ...unique request token in all links, iframes, and forms. CSRFGuard 2.2 ships with four possible response handlers: HTMLParserHandler, RegExHandler, JavaScrip
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  • ...tions. The current version needs some work (an index.html file, fix broken links, etc.) and a new version will be available on 28 July 2008 (note: the new v ...ific lesson solutions in this zip file are the ones not in the Phase 2 zip file listed below.
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  • * OCR-FILE: Secure File Access *3rd Element - Detailed Requirement Identifier (minor with up to one sublevel (e.g., .01, .02)
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  • Browsers and proxies using the HEAD method to check whether the content of a file has changed. Some pages may be designed to receive both GET and POST requests.
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  • [[File:2010-T10-ArchitectureDiagram.png|700px|Click for a larger version of this i ...ith each threat agent, attack vector, and security weakness and combine it with an estimate of the technical and business impact to your organization. Toge
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  • ...performance or usability. Security features should be turned on by default with the option to turn them off explicitly. In some cases, the usability or per Similarly, James Landis was kind enough to provide us with a similar body of work he put together in defining requirements for a secur
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  • [[File:WinterCode.png|500px|right]] The OWASP Winter Code Sprint (OWCS) is a program to involve students with Security projects. By participating in OWCS a student can get real life exp
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  • language. It has a set of challenges and steps, each providing the user with one or more web application vulnerability which user tries to solve. There ...osed to define flawed systems, which is not the hardest thing. Familiarity with web application security and SQL is recommended.
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  • ...ion needs to consider the economical impact of security incidents compared with the costs of unlawful non compliance. Today's costs to the business due to ...and risk governance needs. Besides the usual need to spend for compliance with information security standards, policies and regulations, CISOs might advoc
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  • Now, in order to create a challenge, one has to validate the solution with regular expressions (or just plaintext comparison) and report success or fa difficult task proposed, if you are considering it, please get in touch with us early on so we can discuss about it and plan it correctly.
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  • ...c but also controllable and safe environment. After a wonderfull 2014 GSoC with 100 new challenges and a couple of new plugins we're mainly looking to get language. It has a set of challenges and steps, each providing the user with one or more web application vulnerability which user tries to solve. There
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