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18:15, 17 March 2014OWASP Top 10 - 2013 Final Ukrainian.pdf (file)1.72 MBWichersUkrainian translation of the OWASP Top 10 - 2013.1
17:43, 5 March 2014OWASP Mobile Top 10 Controls.jpg (file)47 KBWichers 1
09:53, 27 October 2013Server-XSS vs Client-XSS Chart.jpg (file)108 KBWichers 2
08:51, 31 August 2013OWASP Top 10 - 2013 Final - English.pptx (file)692 KBWichersHere is the final release of the OWASP Top 10 for 2013. This is another minor update to eliminate some unintended text pop ups for 2 of the images in the document, including the cover page.1
09:02, 12 June 2013OWASP Top 10 - 2013 Final Release - Change Log.docx (file)42 KBWichersThis file contains all the editorial comments received publicly and privately to the Top 10 project which caused us to change the document, and our responses to each requested change. There was numerous other emails on the Top 10 mailing list which shared1
18:24, 22 January 2011OWASP Top 10 - 2010 FINAL (spanish).pptx (file)1.29 MBWichersI made some slight formatting updates to this translation.2
17:48, 22 January 2011OWASP Top 10 - 2010 FINAL Indonesia v1.0.1.pdf (file)2.91 MBWichers 2
21:05, 14 September 2010OWASP Top 10 - 2010 French.pdf (file)2.64 MBWichersThe Top 10 translated into French.1
08:56, 19 April 2010OWASP Top 10 - 2010.pdf (file)2.52 MBWichers 1
21:11, 18 April 2010OWASP T10 - 2010 rc1 cmts Kai Jendrian.pdf (file)2.26 MBWichers 1
21:08, 18 April 2010OWASP Top 10 RC-Public Comments.docx (file)46 KBWichers 1
14:22, 13 November 2009OWASP T10 - 2010 rc1.pdf (file)2.01 MBWichersOWASP Top 10 - 2010 Release Candidate1
12:28, 13 November 2009AppSec DC 2009 - OWASP Top 10 - 2010 rc1.pptx (file)2.22 MBWichersOWASP Top 10 presentation from OWASP DC 2009.1
16:14, 2 October 2008AppSecNYC08-Agile and Secure.ppt (file)2.29 MBWichersDave Wichers of Aspect Security's presentation on how to integrate Secure development practices into the Agile software development process. Delivered at OWASP AppSec New York, in Sept. 2008.1
16:05, 2 October 2008AppSecNYC08-Delivering AppSec Info.ppt (file)1.09 MBWichersDave Wichers brief introduction to the new quality efforts going on in OWASP for 2008, plus a quick summary of the OWASP conferences series.1
06:23, 22 May 2008AppSecEU08-ESAPI.ppt (file)3.63 MBWichers 1
05:53, 22 May 2008AppSecEU08-Agile and Secure.ppt (file)1.99 MBWichers 1
08:56, 20 December 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose WebBrowserInsecurity.ppt (file)1.26 MBWichers 1
07:53, 30 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose HackingWeb2.0Lite.ppt (file)905 KBWichers 1
22:01, 28 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose AttackingXMLSecurity.ppt (file)2.39 MBWichers 1
00:49, 28 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose RubyOnRailsSecurity.ppt (file)656 KBWichers 1
08:12, 27 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose dotNetWebServicesHacking.ppt (file)360 KBWichers 1
23:16, 26 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose Backdoors OtherDevFeatures.ppt (file)1.35 MBWichers 1
22:46, 26 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose WASCOpenProxyHoneyPotUpdate.ppt (file)2.65 MBWichers 1
22:19, 26 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose FindingVulnsinFlashApps.ppt (file)662 KBWichers 1
19:30, 19 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose Dangers of3rdPartyContent.ppt (file)1.62 MBWichers 1
19:14, 19 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose SecuringJSFApps OWASPTop10.ppt (file)582 KBWichers 1
18:58, 19 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose DefeatWeb2.0Attacks.ppt (file)334 KBWichers 1
22:07, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose Top10WebServicesIssues.ppt (file)2.72 MBWichers 1
12:49, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose WASCIntro.pdf (file)3.26 MBWichersJeremiah Grossman's presentation at OWASP AppSec San Jose 2007 on the projects and history of WASC.1
12:45, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose OWASPStateoftheU.ppt (file)839 KBWichersOWASP San Jose 2007 State of the Union presentation by Dinis Cruz1
12:44, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose PKILie.ppt (file)1.31 MBWichersOWASP AppSec 2007 San Jose presentation on PKI security issues by Ofer Maor1
12:43, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose AppSecDTCC.ppt (file)1.24 MBWichersOWASP San Jose 2007 KeyNote on Application Security initiative at DTCC by Jim Routh.1
12:38, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose AntiSamy.ppt (file)2.86 MBWichersOWASP San Jose 2007 presentation on new OWASP Anti-Samy project by Arshan.1
12:28, 17 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose OWASP ESAPI Overview.ppt (file)2.47 MBWichers 1
02:58, 16 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose SamyWorm.ppt (file)612 KBWichers 1
02:51, 16 November 2007OWASP-WASCAppSec2007SanJose Intro-Final.ppt (file)2.14 MBWichers 1
20:32, 26 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan ModSecurityCoreRuleSet.ppt (file)1.34 MBWichersOfer Shezaf's presentation on the Core Ruleset for the latest version of ModSecurity presented at 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy, in May 2007.1
20:20, 25 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan OWASPTestingGuide2v1.ppt (file)1,024 KBWichersMatteo Meucci's presentation on the OWASP Testing Guide v2 at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
16:53, 24 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan OWASP2.0Keynote.ppt (file)3.74 MBWichersDinis Cruz' keynote introducing OWASP 2.0 and the new OWASP Top 10 at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
15:46, 24 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan CLASP.ppt (file)1.89 MBWichersPravir Chandra's presentation on the upcoming 2007 update to CLASP presented at 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
15:45, 24 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan AdvancedWebHacking.ppt (file)1.36 MBWichersPDPs presentation at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
15:41, 24 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan XMLSecurityGatewayEvalCriteria.ppt (file)734 KBWichersGunnar Peterson's presentation about the new XML Security Gateway Evaluation Criteria project at 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
20:07, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan TestingFlashApplications.ppt (file)2.2 MBWichersStephano Di Paolo's presentation on how to test Flash applications presented at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
20:05, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan OvertakingGoogleDesktop.ppt (file)466 KBWichersYair Amit's presentation on XSS Flaws in Google Desktop that can be exploited through presented at 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
20:04, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan MS ACETeamAppSecfromTheCore.ppt (file)2.37 MBWichersSimon Roses Femerling's presentation on the Microsoft ACE team's application security process at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
20:02, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan Pantera.ppt (file)687 KBWichersSimon Roses Femerling's presentation on the new OWASP tool Pantera at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
20:00, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan ProtectingWebAppsfromUniversalPDFXSS.ppt (file)402 KBWichersIvan Ristic's Universal XSS PDF presentation at 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan, Italy in May 2007.1
19:58, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan SoftwareSecurity.ppt (file)2.77 MBWichersRudolph Araujo's presentation on Application Security best practices at the 6th OWASP AppSec conference in Milan Italy, May 2007.1
19:53, 23 May 2007OWASPAppSec2007Milan WebGoatv5.ppt (file)2.09 MBWichersWebGoat v4 presentation by Dave Wichers at the 6th OWASP AppSec Conference in Milan, Italy, May 2007.1

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