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11:06, 18 November 2012WebFrameworkVulnerablilitiesAppSecUSA.pdf (file)763 KBNishiWeb App Framework Based Vulnerabilies1
11:03, 18 November 2012Web app crypto 20121026.pdf (file)2.04 MBNishiWeb App Cryptology A Study in Failure1
11:00, 18 November 2012Unraveling some Mysteries around DOM-based XSS.pdf (file)1.79 MBNishiUnraveling some Mysteries around DOM-based XSS1
10:57, 18 November 2012Top Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications OWASP.pdf (file)986 KBNishiTop Strategies to Capture Security Intelligence for Applications1
10:52, 18 November 2012The Diviner - Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough - Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Memory Structure of ANY Application.pdf (file)2.92 MBNishiThe Diviner - Digital Clairvoyance Breakthrough - Gaining Access to the Source Code & Server Side Memory Structure of ANY Application (OWASP ZAP extension)1
10:50, 18 November 2012Effective approaches to web application security.pdf (file)1.68 MBNishiEffective approaches to web application security1
10:41, 18 November 2012Poking Servers with Facebook-Cross Site Port Scanning.pdf (file)2.02 MBNishiPoking Servers with Facebook-Cross Site Port Scanning1
10:37, 18 November 2012OWASP Hackademic AppSecUS2012 v1.pdf (file)1.7 MBNishiHack your way to a degree: a new direction in teaching application security at universities1
10:32, 18 November 2012OWASP defending-MITMA US 2012.pdf (file)1.62 MBNishiSecuring the SSL channel against man-in-the-middle attacks: Future technologies - HTTP Strict Transport Security and Pinning of Certs1
10:27, 18 November 2012Web Security Fundamentally Broken.pdf (file)5.25 MBNishiWhy Web Security Is Fundamentally Broken1
10:22, 18 November 2012Iran’s Real Life Cyberwar.pdf (file)1.69 MBNishiIran’s Real Life Cyberwar1
10:18, 18 November 2012Get off your AMF and dont REST on JSON-AppSecUSA2012.pdf (file)2.62 MBNishiGet off your AMF�and don’t REST on JSON1
10:14, 18 November 2012Cracking the Mobile Application Code.pdf (file)602 KBNishiCracking the Mobile Application Code1
10:09, 18 November 2012Doing the Unstuck.pdf (file)5.31 MBNishiDoing the unstuck: How Rugged cultures drive Biz & AppSec Value1
09:39, 18 November 2012OWASP-2012-WTF.pdf (file)1.07 MBNishiOWASP-2012-WTF1
09:34, 18 November 2012Corman AppSecUSA 2012 DevOpsPanel.pdf (file)408 KBNishiDevOps Distilled1
09:20, 18 November 2012Top 10 Defenses for Website Security.pdf (file)4.74 MBNishiTop 10 Defenses for Website Security1
08:42, 18 November 2012How we tear into that little green man.pdf (file)4.95 MBNishiHow we tear into that little green man1
08:35, 18 November 2012Interactive Static Analysis.pdf (file)737 KBNishiInteractive Static Analysis for Early Detection of Software Vulnerabilities1
08:29, 18 November 2012The Same-Origin Saga.pdf (file)977 KBNishiThe Same-Origin Saga1
08:22, 18 November 2012Building Predictable Systems.pdf (file)1.26 MBNishiBuilding Predictable Systems using Behavioral Security Modeling1
08:14, 18 November 2012OWASP AppSec 2012-Builders-vs-Breakers.pdf (file)3.65 MBNishiBuilders-vs-Breakers1
08:09, 18 November 2012Demystifying Security in the Cloud.pdf (file)977 KBNishiDemystifying Security in the Cloud1
08:04, 18 November 2012Four Axes of Evil.pdf (file)1.41 MBNishiFour Axes of Evil1
23:14, 17 November 20127 Qualities of Highly Secure Software.pdf (file)3.56 MBNishi7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software1
21:29, 19 January 2011OWASP Global Education Committee.pptx (file)585 KBNishiAdded feedback by Cecil Su on University Outreach program 2
15:13, 18 January 2011OWASP Presentation Template.pptx (file)328 KBNishiAdded copyright information2
15:31, 10 January 2011Education Track Single Session Evaluation Template.doc (file)78 KBNishiEducation Track Single Session Evaluation Template1
15:25, 10 January 2011Education Track Evaluation Template.doc (file)83 KBNishiAdded disclaimers that this evaluation will be available publically2
10:29, 29 November 2009OWASP-CBT-ProjecNews.gif (file)76 KBNishi 1
10:27, 29 November 2009OWASP-CBT-ProjecFAQ.gif (file)78 KBNishi 1
23:16, 28 November 2009Banner.gif (file)16 KBNishi 1
22:53, 28 November 2009OWASP-CBT-ProjectDetail.gif (file)81 KBNishi 1
22:23, 28 November 2009OWASP-CBT-Project long.gif (file)74 KBNishi 1
21:50, 28 November 2009OWASP-CBT-Project-Headline.gif (file)30 KBNishi 1
21:48, 28 November 2009Xyz.jpg (file)30 KBNishi 1
20:53, 28 November 2009OWASP-CBT-Project-Title.gif (file)33 KBNishi 1
20:50, 28 November 2009OWASP-CBT-Project.gif (file)63 KBNishi 1