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09:37, 2 April 2014Owaspkc 3 2014 blind sqli.pdf (file)767 KBCaughronJake Reynolds of Depth Security presentation on Blind SQL Injection privilege escalation1
11:49, 20 August 2012Owasp KS slowDoS.pdf (file)2.06 MBCaughronSlide deck of presentation on slow denial of service from sergey at Qualys1
09:20, 18 November 2011XSS Past Present and Future v2 .pptx (file)643 KBCaughron 1
20:19, 24 September 2011Hacking2011OWASP2.pptx (file)418 KBCaughronPowerpoints for the slides that were animated.1
20:17, 24 September 2011Hacking2011OWASP.pdf (file)569 KBCaughronRob Kraft's presentation from Sept.20111
19:14, 23 October 2010Intro-WebApplicationFirewalls.pdf (file)9.08 MBCaughronintroduction to web application firewalls by Dustin Anders / Imperva1
23:20, 28 August 2010OWASP Mobile Testing Presentation.pdf (file)1.37 MBCaughronpresented Steve Jensen in Kansas City at the local OWASP chapter meeting - August 2010.1
12:43, 24 June 2010RoleOfPenTestingAndAppScanning.pdf (file)1.2 MBCaughronCOBIT definition of risk management frameworks and associated discussion1
10:53, 8 February 2010Microsoft SDL-Agile Presentation - Nick Coblentz 2009-12-01.pdf (file)1.72 MBCaughronDecember 2009 presentation Kansas City OWASP chapter meeting by Nick Coblentz1