SamuraiWTF: Integrating Manual Testing Techniques and Automated Testing Tools

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Course Abstract: One of the best skills a penetration tester can learn is not how to use a lot of penetration testing tools such as those on the SamuraiWTF DVD, but rather how to successfully integrate their manual testing techniques with all of those penetration testing tools. This one-day course focuses on this skill through two instructor-lead penetration tests followed by a capture-the-flag like student challenge. This course also introduces you to several of SamuraiWTF's testing tools such as Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP), w3af, and the latest Firefox extensions for penetration testing. This course is designed for persons new to penetration testing and for those persons with basic to intermediate experience with web application penetration testing. Please come prepared with VMware player, workstation, or fusion pre-installed.