Proposal OWASP SummerofCode 2015

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Summer of Code 2015 Proposal

This page outlines a proposal for implementing a Summer of Code @ OWASP for 2015 This program will run the similar way than Google Summer of Code

Rules for participation

  • Only active Projects are allowed to participate
  • Project with inactivity longer than 1 year are not taken in consideration
  • Project must be a code or tool project (No documentation projects)

Proposed Timeline

  • 1st May ==> Program is officially announced
  • 2nd May ==>Mentoring projects can start filling in the Wiki page with their participating proposals, and look for students to create proposals
  • 15 June - 30 June- Interim Period  : Project leaders will decide which students are finally selected for their own projects
  • 1st july-15 July ==> Organisation Admins will review submitted final proposals chosen by Project mentors for each project
  • 26 July ==> Slots will be allocated to the best proposals after a rigorous voting review
  • 27 July ==> Program starts - code!
  • 15 September ==> Midterm evaluation
  • 27 October==>Pencils down, final evaluation

Vote weight will be distributed as following:


  • OWASP Open source projects who'd like to participate in OWASP Summer of Code in 2015 should choose at least two project leaders to represent them.
  • Students submit project proposals online to work with particular mentoring projects.
  • Mentoring Project leaders rank student proposals and perform any other due diligence on their potential students; student proposals are matched with a mentor.
  • Mentoring project leaders make their final decision on which students to accept into the program.
  • Students are notified of acceptance.
  • Students begin learning more about their mentoring organization and its community before coding work starts.
  • Students begin coding work at the official start of the program, provided they've interacted well with their community up until the program start date.
  • Mentors and students provide mid-term progress evaluations.
  • Mentors provide a final evaluation of student progress at close of program; students submit a final review of their mentor and the program.
  • Students upload completed code to an open repository/ Code site.

Voting Rules

  • Organization Admins deciding on which projects will get slots cannot be mentors of the participating project
  • Project mentors will decide the best proposal and request a maximum slots based on their maturity stage:
   Flagship==> maximum 2 Slots
   Labs==> Maximum 1 Slot
   Incubator==> Maximum  1 Slot
  • each vote must be substantiated by an argument why the project was voted
  • Students that are already contributors will get 2 points extra

A student proposal will receive a score distributed the following way Score range : 0 -100

  • Vote mentors==> 45%
  • Vote Organization admins==> 55%


The requested budget is USD 30,000- (10 Slots , 1 student==> USD 3000) A total of 10 Slots will be allocated

Breakdown budget

A selected student will receive USD 3,000= for 3 months work, a midterm evaluation and control will be exercised to determined of the candidate has delivered according the planning

Student Elegability

Students can submit their proposals via the XXXXX from 15May - 15 June, 2015. We hear almost universally from our mentoring organizations that the best proposals they receive are from students who took the time to interact and discuss their ideas before submitting a proposal, so make sure to check out each organization's Ideas list to get to know a particular open source organization better. In addition to a proposal, students will be required to sign a Student Participation Agreement and submit their Proof of Enrollment forms.