Projects/OWASP Python Security Project/Roadmap

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"- Set up website with wiki

- Configure mailing list

- Configure github account and create code structure

- Create Project presentation and pamphlet

- Publish initial batch of documents on python security issues and possible mitigations with code examples

- Create python secure coding area

- Introduce project to OWASP Chapters

- Publish initial version of python secure coding manual

- Publish hardened version of python coded for security purposes

- Document usage of code security policies and call whitelisting

- Document usage of message deduplication and data storage in hash rings

- Document usage of ESAPI-extended security checks, including but not limited to controls applied to python internal calls, strings, processes, permissions, and low level kernel calls

- Create initial documentation of base libraries and modules

- Release library to customizec and integrate OpenSSL and cURL

- Release utility for SSL analysis of HTTPS communication over SSL

- Release utility for SSL analysis of FTPS/FTPES communication over SSL

- Release utility for analysis of POPS/IMAPS/SMTPS connections over SSL

- Release of utility for archival of SSL certificates and CRLs

- Release utility for PE extraction and hash generation from web files

- Release update version of ""OWASP-ESAPI-python"""