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OctoMS is an open-source project hosted on Google Projects:

The main attribute of the framework is a "Wizard", an AJAX interface that replaces the page the developer is currently working on if: 1. The script encounters a handleable error 2. The script fails to catch an Exception 3. The developer writes help(); in the controller that serves the current page 4. The developer appends ?debug:developer@email.address to the current page's URL

This wizard consists of 2 windows:

1. Search area

The developer can search for detailed usage information on any of the methods created in the application. Example: searching for "view -core" will return the list of methods found in the view core library with the following information:

  • Description
  • List of parameters
  • Return values
  • Code examples
  • How to deploy the "view" core library in the controller

This information is gathered by reading the application source-files and indexing the method comments.

The developer can also search for online help and use task management tools through the SSL-encrypted API provided by This section of the project is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available for an individual monthly fee.

2. Debugging area

In the event of an error the debugging area shows a new window detailing where the error occured and a backtrace. Code previews from the files listed in the backtrace tree are also shown.

The developer can debug any web page of the application. The debugging information returned is:

  • Routing directives
  • Controller information
  • List of loaded object (libraries and models)
  • List of available helper functions
  • Memory and time consumption
  • Headers list
  • Output buffer