Projects/OWASP Internet of Things Top Ten Project/Roadmap

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Current Status

  • Top Ten Vulnerability Categories have been added
  • All categories have been updated slightly in February 2015
  • Prescriptive tabs have been added for Manufacturers, Developers and Consumers
  • Security considerations and general recommendations have been added to each tab (Manufacturer, Developer, Consumer)
  • A Community tab has been added to make note of other groups active in the security of Internet of Things

Objectives for 2015

  • An Internet of Things Top Ten PDF document is in progress
  • A Powerpoint deck is in progress to provide a basic understanding of the IoT Top Ten Project
  • Working to get the project to Lab status
  • Working to get to release 1.0
  • Working with vendors and other in the community on possible participation in the project
  • Get feedback from vendors and community in regards to Manufacturer, Developer and Consumer tabs