Projects/OWASP ESAPI Objective - C Project/Roadmap

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V1 – Mac Release
The first release will focus on general cocoa applications and the ESAPI will reflect the developments in java. The implementation in v1 will include a sub-set from the following components [Exact sub-set is not decided yet]:

  • ESAPI Encoder
  • ESAPI Validator
  • ESAPI Randomizer
  • ESAPI Utilities
  • ESAPI Access Controller
  • ESAPI Authenticator
  • ESAPI Encryptor
  • Logging
  • Intrusion Detector
  • Web Application Firewall

V2 – Mac Release
The version for the next release will be focused on implementation of the other components in the above set.

This release will also focus on bridging the gap between the ESAPI Java – the most advanced implementation of ESAPI currently and ESAPI Objective-C. It is also in ESAPI Objective-C’s interests to dictate some Apple Macintosh specific components such as Keychain Access into the API.

V3 – Cocoa Touch
Implementation of this release is not finalized and may be aborted.

In the cocoa touch the project would focus on just a few components of ESAPI which would make sense to be part of a client module in the iOS interfaces.