Projects/OWASP Application Security Skills Assessment/Roadmap

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Note: Some of the tasks defined below will occur concurrently.

  • Start+2 weeks: (hopefully) recruit team members. I think that it would work best as a 3-4 person team. This ensures that there is a sufficient breadth of knowledge to write and review the questions and answers.
  • Start+6 weeks: Identify quiz hosting solution and get approval from OWASP leadership and IT that the technology solution is acceptable.
  • Start+8 weeks: Produce beta version of quiz. I have approximately 10 questions that can be used as the foundation.
  • Start+12 weeks: Release initial version.
  • Assuming the project is successful, there can be additional ASSA's written. You can view the 1.0 ASSA described in this proposal as a "General" ASSA. Subsequent ASSAs could include "Expert" ASSAs covering more difficult topics as well as "Subject" ASSAs focusing on a specific topic.