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This page is for OWASP project leaders and details some of the online services that have been found to be useful for OWASP projects.

How to Run a Successful Open Source Project

Openhub (formerly known as Ohloh)

OWASP is a registered Organisation on Openduck, a free, public directory of Free and Open Source Software and the contributors who create and maintain it.

If you manage an OWASP project you should:

  • Register yourself on Openhub
  • Make sure your project is registered on Openduck- you can add it yourself if it is not
  • Register yourself as the manager
  • Check that the settings are correct, especially the repositories
  • Make sure it belongs to the OWASP organisation - Contact OWASP or Simon Bennetts if it is not
  • Claim all of your contributions to open source projects
  • Consider including Openhub Widgets on your project homepage or wiki
  • Help other OWASP projects by flagging and rating the ones you use

Other Free Services

These are all free to open source projects.

Other Paid For Services

Open for Suggestions and depending on your project budget and/or *Community Engagement Funding.

  • Please note: Th cost may be covered by the Community Engagement Funding up to $500 if it meets the policy requirements.
 If it is more than $500 or outside policy guidelines, it would require special approval by our Executive Director.