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This page is for OWASP project leaders and details some of the online services that have been found to be useful for OWASP projects.

How to Run a Successful Open Source Project

Openhub (formerly known as Ohloh)

OWASP is a registered Organisation on Openduck, a free, public directory of Free and Open Source Software and the contributors who create and maintain it.

If you manage an OWASP project you should:

  • Register yourself on Openhub
  • Make sure your project is registered on Openduck- you can add it yourself if it is not
  • Register yourself as the manager
  • Check that the settings are correct, especially the repositories
  • Make sure it belongs to the OWASP organisation - Contact OWASP or Simon Bennetts if it is not
  • Claim all of your contributions to open source projects
  • Consider including Openhub Widgets on your project homepage or wiki
  • Help other OWASP projects by flagging and rating the ones you use

Other Free Services

These are all free to open source projects.

Other Paid For Services