Profit Sharing Proposal

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Profit Sharing Proposal for Events: for the purposes of this proposal, the focus of the document will ONLY address the financial liabilities and advantages of events. Mission critical objectives for hosting an event will not be included in this proposal.

1. Global AppSec Events – 90/10 revenue share (Foundation/Chapter) until the profit target for the event is met, as determined by the Global Conferences Committee and the OWASP Board. This target will be defined based on the annual budget needs for the OWASP Foundation and that past profit history of that Global AppSec event. These budget targets will be finalized within 30 days after the U.S. Global AppSec Event. Any amount above the profit target will be allocated 60/40 to the local chapter. There is no cap on this chapter profit sharing.

Rationale: a. A goal of the global AppSec event is to raise revenue for the foundation. b. Global AppSec Events require significant effort from the foundation staff and resources. c. A significant portion of the Foundation’s annual budget is based on revenue projections from the 4 major global AppSec events.

2. All other events not classified as one of the Global AppSec Events will realize a 10/90 revenue split (Foundation/chapter) up to $5,000 USD. Any profits above the $5K will recognize the standard 60/40 split. (Foundation/Chapter).

3. The Global Chapter Committee will monitor Chapter accounts, budgets, and expenses as necessary.

4. The Global Chapter Committee will establish and adopt guidelines for Local event planners to follow that will address finances, budgeting, registration, liability, and standards of conduct.

5. The Global Conference Committee will monitor the budgets of Global AppSec Events.

6. Operational staff will identify and document foundation level services provided to event planners for different kinds of events.