Payment Card Data Security and the new Enterprise Java

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PCI Compliance is grabbing the limelight in the Enterprise scenario. Enterprises are scrambling to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Standards. Application Security is one of the bones of contention in the Payment Card Industry, where confidentiality of sensitive card data is a critical requirement and Applications need to be developed and reengineered keeping in mind, these stringent compliance standards. The new Java Enterprise technology, Java Enterprise Edition 5, provides a host of simple and elegant features to develop applications, which address the various facets of security. This presentation takes a deep dive into the features of new Enterprise Java and assesses how easily and quickly applications can be created (and/or reengineered) to meet the various requirements of the Payment Card Industry Standards. Aided with a suitable case study, this talk attempts to exemplify the different aspects of Web Application vis-à-vis features of new Enterprise Java Technology catering to the rigors of the PCI Standards