Operation status report May

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Operational Status Update

NOTE: Kelly, Sarah, and Kate have added an auto responder to their email pointing to the 4 input documents for inquiries, reimbursements, goodie requests, and event approvals

1. Sarah Baso’s primary responsibility will be to focus on conferences, esp, Global AppSec Events

a. New job description pending

b. Kate to shift and cover chapter committee needs/support

c. Not able to transition into this fully yet due to Kate’s absence

2. Cvent

a. Services initiated and online training attended by ops team

i. Registration, membership, RFP, and Salesforce

b. Appsec EU registration open now and AppSec USA registration 99.9% ready to open

c. Membership transition will occur this week

d. Salesforce upload will occur after membership transition – target date for all data integration is

May 25, 2012

3. Marketing RFP ready to launch

a. Looking for marketing proposals for branding and promotion of events

4. Updates:

a. Chapter Committee

i. 180 active chapters

1. 3 new chapters in April (Canberra, Rhode Island, Sharqiyah); Pending chapter starts/restarts: Ahmedabad, Manila, Khartoum, Virtual Chapter

ii. 388 active chapter leaders and/or chapter board members

b. Conferences Committee - addtional details available on Sarah's Report

i. Last meeting: May 3

ii. AppSec DC final: $16,500

iii. AppSec APAC: ($16,200)

iv. Outreach: Secure 360 event in MN (may 8,9) Blackhat USA

c. Membership Committee

i. New membership page live

ii. April meeting cancelled due to lack of attendance – next meeting May 15

iii. Individual members: 1658

iv. Corporate Members: 51

v. Local chapter supporters: 14

vi. Academic Supporters: 110

vii. Linked In Logo implemented for members

viii. Company bio page added for corporate supporters