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  • June 2011
    • Public release of the Opa platform, including:
      • the compiler Opa
      • its runtime system
      • its standard library
      • its database engine
      • the corresponding user documentation
    • Source code made publicly available on github under a FSF license.
    • The Opa Book released in beta version.
    • Main features added to the compiler and its documentation:
      • introduction tutorial for developing in Opa
      • tutorial for developing scalable web applications in Opa
      • tutorial for developing web services in Opa
      • simple RDF support for programming "semantic web" applications
      • connector to the EC2 web service of Amazon
      • documented methods for including JS, Ocaml and C code in Opa applications
  • Sept 2011
    • Full version of the Opa book released.
    • Main features added to the compiler and its documentation:
      • dedicated application for browsing the standard library online
      • tutorial for secure development in Opa
      • tutorials provided for making external contributions to Opa easier, in particular on the following topics:
        • graphical libraries (widgets, CSS skins , etc)
        • APIs for commonly used database engines
        • additional data serialization formats
        • APIs for common web services
        • APIs for standard data exchange protocols