OWASP iGoat Project/Roadmap

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  • Short term goals:
  • Medium term goals:
  1. Build and integrate additional lessons iteratively, on an as-needed basis.
  2. Maintain and update iGoat for new iOS and Xcode versions, as appropriate.
  • Long term goals:
  1. Expand iGoat to a Universal app (fully compatible with iPad and other iOS devices).
  2. Merge in other content, such as instructional videos and such (Possibly externally hosted).
  • Finished:
  1. Design and build the basic iGoat foundation, with a modular approach to including lessons.
  2. Integrate several initial lessons into the iGoat framework.
  3. Complete documentation, including HOWTOs for installing/building iGoat, and building new lessons.
  4. Improved user interface.
  5. Added SQLcipher exercise.