OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project/Roadmap

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Release 1.0.0

This release provides the following significant additions to the Paros Proxy:

  • Comprehensive help screens
  • Break points to replace Traps
  • A new Reports menu with added functionality
  • Improved History searching
  • A history filter
  • Notes, which can be added to any request
  • Multiple tags
  • Add and edit alerts
  • A new encoder / descoder
  • Passive scanning, which at this release allows tags to be automatically added

Full details are available here

Release 1.1.0

This release is planned for before the end of 2010 and is likely to include:

  • OWASP rebranding
  • Improvements to the passive and active automated scanners
  • Improvements the Spider
  • The addition a basic port scanner
  • The ability to brute force files and directories (using components from DirBuster)
  • Further internationalization

Future releases

Future releases are likely to include:

  • Further improvements to the passive and active automated scanners
  • Further improvements the Spider
  • Fuzzing (using components from JBroFuzz)