OWASP Project Manager Activity Reports/May 13 2013

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OWASP Project Manager Report

Work accomplished since April 05, 2013

  • Project Numbers
    • Active Projects: 149
    • Inactive Projects: 67
  • Project Applications
    • OWASP WS-Amplification DoS Project
    • OWASP Mutillidae 2 (Codename: NOWASP) Project
    • OWASP Skanda - SSRF Exploitation Framework Project

Project Manager Q2 2013 Objectives

  1. Identify and target 5-7 specific grants to pursue for 2013.
  2. Develop Brand Usage Guidelines for Projects.
  3. Need for consistent documentation of guidelines (similar to How To Host a Conference) that can apply to various events and venues.
  4. Volunteer Management - identification of skills and supervision required to engage volunteers productively.
  • Ongoing Objectives for 2013
    • Work with Project leaders to reach grant required milestones - ONGOING
    • Develop a project charter outlining appropriate grant revenue spending and grant required milestones. - DUE IN SEPTEMBER - ONGOING
    • Oversight of Marketing and Graphic Design deliverables (Phase 3) provided by 3rd party contractor

Currently Working On

  • Grant Opportunities Recap & Updates
    • Guidebooks Proposal: The first payment has been allocated to our project budgets.
    • Amount: $25,000
    • ESAPI Proposal: This proposal is still under review.
    • Amount: $25,000
    • Google Grants: We now have a better idea of the initiatives and tasks we must undertake to better leverage this award. We will discuss possible solutions during our Mid-Term (6-12 month) marketing planning.
    • Amount: $120,000 a year in Google Adwords Money
    • ModSecurity Proposal: This proposal is still under review.
    • Amount: $30,000
    • LSEC Web Attack Grant Opportunity
    • Amount: €250,000
    • Status: This proposal is currently being put together by a grant partner. We are still in the process of writing the proposal to the board and working out logistics.
  • Total Grant Funds Awarded: $145,000 for 2013 so far.
  • OWASP Projects at AppSec USA & EU
    • I received the go-ahead to start planning the project event modules for AppSec USA.
    • The local event planning team decided to have the Project Leader Workshop and the OWASP Projects Summit.
    • The Project Leader Workshop is a three hour event module that brings together current and potential OWASP project leaders to discuss project related issues and topics.
    • The OWASP Project Summit is a smaller version of the much larger OWASP Summits. This event module gives our project leaders the opportunity to showcase their project progress, and have attendees sit down and work on project tasks during the event.
    • I will start preparations for these two modules next week.
    • The AppSec EU project modules are still under discussion.
    • I will reach out to Dirk on May 17th, 2013 to discuss his decision.
  • Determining Active Project Status
    • This is a status update on this initiative.
    • I am reaching out to each leader individually to confirm these pieces of data for all 149 projects.
    • Flagship projects are completed.
    • Labs are in the second phase of outreach and confirmation.
    • Outreach and confirmation for Incubator projects are scheduled to start on Monday, May 19th.
  • European Commission Grant Opportunity: Proposal Status
    • Seba and I have been working on an European Commission grant opportunity.
    • The grant opportunity has the potential to help a hand full of projects with resources and funds.
    • Seba and I are putting together a proposal for the board of directors.
    • We would like to move forward with this initiative, but require board approval before we can commit.
    • We will present our formal proposal to the board before our meeting next week.
  • Technical Project Advisors: Status Update on Recruitment
    • I continue to recruit for the Technical Project Advisor volunteer roles.
    • My goal is to start interviewing for the six positions by the end of May.
    • I will continue to reach out to the community for applicants and to determine interest.
    • The advisors will be responsible for developing project review criteria, and for the project reviews process.
  • Project Leader Responsibilities & Expectations
    • I have finished putting together documentation that outlines a project leader's responsibilities, and our foundation's expectations of them.
    • This document was written to help project leaders understand their responsibilities as managers of their project(s).
    • This is an ongoing project, and will not be complete until feedback is received from the board and the community.
  • Project Leader Cheat Sheet
    • I have finished a first draft of the Project Leader Cheat Sheet.
    • I hope this document will help project leaders understand how to best leverage the OWASP Project Infrastructure for success.
    • This is an ongoing project, and will not be complete until feedback is received from the board and the community.
    • Project Leader Cheat Sheet draft
  • OWASP Marketing
    • The third phase of our Marketing plan is underway.
    • During the staff summit, Kate, Kelly, Sarah, Alison, and I had a long discussion about the deliverables expected in phase 3.
    • We have given the marketing and design company very clear guidelines and expectations of what our requirements as an organization are for this phase.
    • We are now waiting for the first drafts of their deliverables.

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