OWASP Membership & Business Liaison Report October 2012

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OWASP Membership & Business Liaison Report

Tasks accomplished since Oct 8, 2012


  • There could be two additional corporate renewals for the month of October. Gemalto states their wire transfer was completed on October 22 and Trustwave states they mailed their funds via US Mail. Working with Kate and Alison to confirm this.

October 2012 Membership Report

Non-for Profit Organizations

  • Continuing to work with other non-for profit organizations to form a partnership to collaborate on initiatives of mutual concern.


  • Sarah and I continue our work on co-marketing agreements for 2013

WASPY Awards

  • WASPY Awards - Completed - Prizes have been awarded to the finalists. Each chapter and project that participated should expect to see a percent of the funds that were collected over and above the cost of the prizes into their account shortly. WASPY

2012 Board Election

  • Election has closed - All correspondence as well as voter stats have been posted Election


  • Survey sent on Monday November 12, 2012 to all individuals who did not cast a vote. This will close on Monday, November 19, 2012. Results will be posted to the election page.