OWASP Honeycomb Project Roadmap

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Overall Goal

In the Honeycomb project, OWASP is assembling the most comprehensive and integrated guide ever attempted to the fundamental building blocks of application security (principles, threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures) through collaborative community efforts.

Near-term Tactical Goals

In the near term, we are focused on the following tactical goals:

Project related

  1. Expand the project page with clear write-up of our missions and approaches
  2. Honeycomb User's Guide
  3. Project roadmap

Article related

  1. Fill in the contents of the stub honeycomb articles (those marked with {{Template:Stub}})
  2. Refine the content and structure of the honeycomb articles
  3. Eliminate redundancy in the articles and categories

Current Tasks

Here are the current tasks defined to help us achieve these goals:

  • Expand the stub articles (description and examples)
  • Fill in the related sections in the articles
  • Make sure that Honeycomb articles are tagged with appropriate categories
  • Eliminate redundancy
    • Merge duplicate articles on the same topic. For example, it is highly likely that a guide article, a top ten article and a vulnerability/attack article exist on a same topic.
    • Redirect well-know acronyms and case-sensitive titles to the master article. (Example, XSS to Cross Site Scripting")
    • Plan: go over by topics.
  • Go over the CLASP articles to:
    • Add the same article structure, i.e., the "Related ..." sections, to the CLASP articles;
    • Make sure they are marked with appropriate templates: vulnerability, attack, principle, etc;
    • Make sure they are tagged with appropriate categories.
  • Make sure all articles that have code snippets are marked with the "Code Snippet" category and corresponding languages.

Specific tasks

The following tasks are ready for volunteers:

  • Merge "Buffer overflow", "Buffer Overflow" and related redundant articles
  • Merge "Cross Site Scripting" and "Cross-site_scripting"
  • Merge "SQL Injection" and "SQL injection"
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