OWASP Board Meeting September 01

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Tom Brennan, Jeff Williams, Seba, Dinis (30 minutes),


Dave Wichers

  • New Member Letter to be sent to all new corporate memberships and individual memberships.
  • Honorary memberships to be given to "active" OWASP participants (chapter leader, project participants, etc.). Chapter and projects committees to submit proposal for persons to be given membership.
  • Begin with "state of OWASP" then maximum 1 hour given to each committee during the mini summit to present their issues and topics and board meeting at the end to vote. Thoughts about a panal discussion or debate during summit.
  • Set up bridge meeting with DC AppSec planning committee.
  • Announcement for 6th Board member vote that will occur in November. Ballots to be created and candidates need to be placed on the ballot prior to 10/10/09.
  • To register for summit must be a member: link to doc with name and membership number.
  • What is the role of the new board member? Role will be determined by October's Board meetings.
  • Card Partner affinity program is a go
  • ISC2 proposal for help with questions being addressed by Global Education Committee.
  • Projects committee should determine which projects/project leaders are supported financially. Travel, evangalism, publication, training, etc.....
  • Committees can have paypal buttons on their pages to enable sponsors to dedicate the sponsor budget to a certain area. e.g. Education
  • Jeff to follow up with Larry regarding his transition out of OWASP role.