OWASP Board Meeting October 6, 2009 Agenda

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Membership update

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 593 New Memberships in September: 80

Renewals in September: 15

Lost memberships in September (did not renew): 208 – due to NY Conf. Memberships

September Income from Individual Memberships: $4750

Portion allocated to local chapters: $1360

September Profit from Individual Memberships: $3390

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 29

New Memberships in September: 0

Renewals in September: 2 (Harris Connect, Art of Defence)

Lost memberships in September (did not renew): 1 (Protivity)

September Income from Corporate Memberships: $7000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $2000

September Profit from Corporate Memberships: $5000

Total Profit for September: $8390

Board level topics

  • ISC2-OWASP joint venture proposal
  • OWASP Governance: OWASP Board's renewal
    • 6 months elections up to nine members,
    • Three Board Members' elections every six months.
  • Summit 2009 in AppSec DC http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2009
    • Proposal to have OWASP Board members to be in AppSec DC one day earlier to have an internal OWASP Board meeting
  • Proposal to create New committee
    • OWASP Technology & Web Frameworks Committee
  • Matt Tesauro requests the approval of the board to research possible hosting options for a OWASP Archive of projects
    • Archive would hold items such as project releases, conference videos, etc.
    • Host under consideration is the Open Source Lab
    • Question: Is there any additional hosting requirements?
    • Deliverable: A proposal listing hosting options and any associated costs
    • More info on a Google doc

Update from: Global Projects Committee

GPC Mins from the history of meetings

Update from: Global Education Committee

Update from: Global Chapters Committee

Update from: Global Industry Committee