OWASP Board Meeting July 09

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Board Votes: (numbers do not correspond with Agenda)

1. We will forgo the mid term audits and schedule the next financial audit for 2010.

2. Old invoices should be sent to local chapter leaders to follow up with company. Board requests that these problem account be handled earlier (i.e. 90 days) to avoid outstanding balances.

3. We will not charge chapters for fees. We will, however, encourage payments to be made by check since there is no associated fee with collecting funds this way.

4. We will support up to $2500 for an OWASP meetup at Blackhat this year. Brennan to arrange.

5. SOC funds of 90K approved. Expences applied to these funds must be approved by the board.

6. Proposal to identify stratigic goals of OWASP. What is the "vision." - Follow up to occur during August.

7. Kate will consolidate all power point presentations from the committees into one ppt to be sent to the leaders.

8. Call for conferences will be drafted to include more detail on what is being requested and why we need to plan for 2010.

9. Dinis will review functionality of SalesForce (ProjectForce)

10. Evaluation form will be distributed by the GPC.

11. Dinis will explore functionality of wiki before we move to another platform. Primary focus will be to move mailing list to a public server.

12. Larry Casey requests to step down as primary IT support for OWASP.

Consolidated Committee Slides