OWASP Board Meeting August 4, 2009 Agenda

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THIS CALL IS AUG 11th 12:00pm EST

1-866-534-4754, Code: 7452912855

OLD BUSINESS (last meeting)
- Kate Hartmann letter to OWASP Board *Vote Required*
- Larry Casey stepping down update
- OWASP Budget
- OWASP Chapters 60/40 Split

Meeting to Discuss OWASP mission and vision to be held in conjuction with AppSec DC in November. (Wednesday) Approved by Board

Finance Report

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 674

New Memberships in July: 52

Renewals in July: 2

Lost memberships in July (did not renew): 20

July Income from Individual Memberships: $2700

Portion allocated to local chapters: $760

July Profit from Individual Memberships: $1940

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 28

New Memberships in July: 1 (SecureState)

Renewals in July: 4 (Ascure, Acunetix, Accuvant, Best Buy)

Lost memberships in July (did not renew): 0

July Income from Corporate Memberships: $25,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $6,000

July Profit from Corporate Memberships: $19,000

Total Profit for July: $20,940

Committee Reports
- Chapters - Seba
- Projects - Dinis
- Conferences - Dave

Committee Slides

- Membership - Brennan
- Industry - Brennan
- Committee Wrap-Up - Jeff

- Governance Defined roles of volunteer board members - Roles
Board Evals lead by example
Local Chapter Governance - Support Materials - Wiki Update
- OWASP Credit Card Information (Vote Required) No fees charged to OWASP OWASP receives $50 for each account that is opened and 3% of all purchases. OWASP will not be held liable if any account holder defaults on payment. Find more details here.
- Salesforce for OWASP Foundation - Professional Services
- Secure The TextBook