OWASP Board Meeting August 09

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Preparation will be made to host a Global Committee Conference in conjunction with AppSec DC. Purpose will be to discuss mission and vision of OWASP for 2010 as well as discuss operational issues. Invitations will be submitted to Global Committee members. Discussion of financial support for attendees will be tabled pending RSVP numbers. Funding for travel and accomodations can be pulled from the local chapter budgets. Those members who are not able to attend the conference in person will be requested to dial in to the discussions.

Conferences financial proposal voted on and approved by board.

Larry has posted a job description as well as details of what he does. We will look at outsourcing the maintenance and support of the wiki. Necessary follow up: find out exact amount of funding that is paid to Aspect for IT support.

Budget for 2010 to be presented at the mini summit at AppSec DC.

Board Member organizations are NOT elible for complimentary banner advertisements.

Roles and definitions for Board members to be defined clearly as precourse to defining local chapter structure. Tom and Kate

Brazil event needs clarification on training and attendance. Trainer, Matt Tesauro, is requesting reimbursement for his costs. Board proposes that he request sponsorship from his local chapter. If local chapter can not provide sponsorship, then sponsorship from another chapter. If the foundation covers the costs, then an updated version of the Live CD will be expected and the funds will be pulled from the SOC budget. Matt should be speaking as well.

Search out "global affinity programs" as alternative to credit card to allow international members to take advantage of program. Follow up with board regarding discovery and decision.

Driven by interest of individuals to become board members, a proposal for addition of 6th board member put to vote. Proposal process of filling the position to be unveiled in November. Members would have voting privelages.